Thursday, January 1, 2015

This is the beginning, of anything you want.

I've come to find that I never know how to start New Years blogs. What can you say that nobody else has said yet?

"New Year, New Me!" -The basic white girl
"HAPPY NEW YEAR, BITCHES. F*** 2014!" -The party creatures.
"I've been so blessed and learned so much in 2014." -The optimist.
"It's been real, 2014" - The thug.

Well, here's 2014 in my terminology, I suppose.
I've entered 2015 as a big kid!
Well, if you excuse the occasional lucky charms for dinner and singing Disney songs through the house.

I would go through the entire spill of my year and how exciting it was.
However, through the year I have expressed all of those blessings.
& all of those blessings are going to spill into my year of 2015 and help me grow as an individual.

So what's in store for 2015?
Relocating and simplify life.
I fell in love!
Ronnie decided he likes me so much that he wants to move me across the country to be with him! I am more then excited to begin a life with him up in the northeast. The move is February!
When it comes to moving across the country this also comes with simplifying my life. It's a little difficult for a packrat, however, it's going to be so healthy for me in the long run!

I have huge plans to get my fine art work out there along with my commercial.
I recently sold a photo transfer on glass at a gallery here in Denver and was told that many people were intrigued by it. Starting my online shop of fine art transfers would be a dream and a huge focus for me this year.
Also, my food photography up in the northeast, I'm in the process of researching and marketing to various magazines.

Mind & Body.
This is also going to be huge for me this year. I'm not talking about losing weight either.
2014 I was very blessed with all of the work I had and everything that was also going on in my life. However, I also experienced a high amount of anxiety. The goal is to do less with more focus and learn how to breathe.
Green tea and stretching everyday as well! I will be able to do some killer backbends by the end of the year! I want to feel healthier all together, body and mind.
READ. I tell myself this every year but I feel really good about it this year. I love to read, however, just like me being a scatterbrain, it's difficult for me to stay on one subject and focus on completing it.
I have decided to go back to school and will be taking classes online! I am going for my certificate in Graphic Design and Digital Imaging!
Along with being a student again there are a few things I would love to learn on my own.
-How to make dreamcatchers.
-Steal Ronnie's acoustic guitar and learn how to play it and sing along.
-How to paint with water color.
A healthy mind and body, new experiences, and plenty of love and laughter is what I want to experience in my 2015.
Oh, & a new years is always exciting with a classy new planner and wallet.

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