Thursday, January 1, 2015

This is the beginning, of anything you want.

I've come to find that I never know how to start New Years blogs. What can you say that nobody else has said yet?

"New Year, New Me!" -The basic white girl
"HAPPY NEW YEAR, BITCHES. F*** 2014!" -The party creatures.
"I've been so blessed and learned so much in 2014." -The optimist.
"It's been real, 2014" - The thug.

Well, here's 2014 in my terminology, I suppose.
I've entered 2015 as a big kid!
Well, if you excuse the occasional lucky charms for dinner and singing Disney songs through the house.

I would go through the entire spill of my year and how exciting it was.
However, through the year I have expressed all of those blessings.
& all of those blessings are going to spill into my year of 2015 and help me grow as an individual.

So what's in store for 2015?
Relocating and simplify life.
I fell in love!
Ronnie decided he likes me so much that he wants to move me across the country to be with him! I am more then excited to begin a life with him up in the northeast. The move is February!
When it comes to moving across the country this also comes with simplifying my life. It's a little difficult for a packrat, however, it's going to be so healthy for me in the long run!

I have huge plans to get my fine art work out there along with my commercial.
I recently sold a photo transfer on glass at a gallery here in Denver and was told that many people were intrigued by it. Starting my online shop of fine art transfers would be a dream and a huge focus for me this year.
Also, my food photography up in the northeast, I'm in the process of researching and marketing to various magazines.

Mind & Body.
This is also going to be huge for me this year. I'm not talking about losing weight either.
2014 I was very blessed with all of the work I had and everything that was also going on in my life. However, I also experienced a high amount of anxiety. The goal is to do less with more focus and learn how to breathe.
Green tea and stretching everyday as well! I will be able to do some killer backbends by the end of the year! I want to feel healthier all together, body and mind.
READ. I tell myself this every year but I feel really good about it this year. I love to read, however, just like me being a scatterbrain, it's difficult for me to stay on one subject and focus on completing it.
I have decided to go back to school and will be taking classes online! I am going for my certificate in Graphic Design and Digital Imaging!
Along with being a student again there are a few things I would love to learn on my own.
-How to make dreamcatchers.
-Steal Ronnie's acoustic guitar and learn how to play it and sing along.
-How to paint with water color.
A healthy mind and body, new experiences, and plenty of love and laughter is what I want to experience in my 2015.
Oh, & a new years is always exciting with a classy new planner and wallet.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Off to my creative career and exciting future!

Remember my last blog and not being a happy camper?
Positive energy does good for you...
I finally found a place to live that will be good for a couple months until I can afford a studio on my own.
I was accepted to be apart of a photo team part time that photographs real estate, I have a shorter term contract job, & I have another interview for a job on Monday.
Thinking about my future is no longer a scary thing, I am no longer worried if I will make it in this field and do what I really want to do. I have kept my head high and have worked damn hard.
Although I've been busy and working a lot of hours along with school and finishing portfolio, I'm still more calm then I was before.

& I turned 22 a week ago!

Wednesday was when everything was due for portfolio and I was signed off. It was a huge sigh of relief to see that everything came together how I've pictured it in the end. I still have not be able to completely relax from the college madness because I work 60 hours this week.
Now that everything is over I don't know how to feel, my emotions are a little all over the place. It's a very bittersweet moment. I've been through a lot of great things the past 2 1/2 years here in Denver. I'm not going to lie, I'm going to miss school. I feel like a big part of this is the people I surround myself with daily, especially being a resident assistant as well. I have definitely learned a lot about myself and know I have grown into a greater artist and the person I really want to be.
I could not have gone through this process and have grown into who I wanted to be without all of the ups and downs, an incredibly supportive family and wonderful parents, the greatest instructors who taught me more then I thought possible, peers who push me, and the greatest friends who have always been there for me.

What's next?
Thinking about everything has made me really giddy. I have plans and endeavors in the back of my mind that I'm more then driven to accomplish.
I'm young and taking thing that are thrown my way, I'm not too concerned about the BIG long term goal right away because I know all of these steps will get me there. I don't want that huge and sexy job in New York City right away. Right now what I really need in my life is creativity, new learning experiences, travels, and flexibility. I want to find freelance work photographing more food and architecture, I really want shoot for magazines. I'm planning on sending my fine art work to various galleries and I've had an idea in the back of my mind with my photo transfers on wood and glass that I'm hoping goes as planned. I'm itching to take some time to myself, travel around Colorado with the fall colors, and shoot for myself. Travel! Oh how I want to take my camera, go on journeys, and blog along the way. My creativity has been on a high and I can't wait to have time to do it all and making a living with it.

The only thing I have left is Portfolio Showcase Friday at The Denver Convention Center.




Friday, August 29, 2014

Keeping my head held high.

I'll be done with school in 3 weeks. 

This has been the most emotionally exhausting week so far. 

My car decided to run over a nail which caused a flat tire. This has never happened, but of course it does now on a day I finally had off work and time to travel and take photos for my project.
Accounting decided I needed to pay way more money than my hot little pocket can hold before I could graduate, luckily everything is alright with this but of course set me into a real panic.
The place we were really looking into ended up not working out and we still haven't found a place, we have 3 weeks.
My relationship ended.

I had my first panic attack and it was scary as hell. 

Everything is okay though. 
I believe my Guardian Angel is looking over me and everything will happen for a reason for good reasons. I have to put this week behind me and just keep my head up. 
I have a phone interview today about a potential part-time contract photography position for a really great company. I've sent out 3 resumes for full time photography positions. I'm still quite nervous about finding a place that's going to work out right but have confidence that we will find the perfect place for us. & I guess it's time to just focus on myself.

Happy photos of the week. 
I enjoy my walks to work, especially on mornings where you can feel fall arriving in the air.
I took some photos just for me while shooting photos for an assignment. 
I went on a run to get my frustrations out on my favorite path.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Staying sane.

Tuesday, August 20th

I worked for 17 hours. Which looks like this will be my normal Tuesday schedule now.

I surprisingly made it through the day just fine! You just have to keep smiling and stop at Starbucks. (I'm a white girl, leave me alone.) When I keep myself busy I stay pretty energized. Until I lay on my bed, then I realize I'm actually pretty exhausted. Or until 10pm comes, then I get a little cranky.
Your bed feels like a cloud of magic after a long day. 

Wednesday, August 22nd 

I had portfolio that morning and worked in the afternoon.
We had mid-quarter move in's (my last move in as an RA!) which means meeting new people and Chiptole for lunch.
I worked on my last presentation for school! The presentation was for my photo essay class where we had to choose a photographer who shoots photo essays. Sounds cliche, but I chose Annie Leibovitz. I love Annie and have always been inspired by her work. Although Annie shoots glamorous celebrities, a ton of work for Vanity Fair, she did a personal photo essay that not many people are familiar with and made a book, Pilgrimage. This gave me the chance to throw the internet to the side a little bit with my research and use books instead.
I find this photo essay inspiring because it was personal, for her to find and remember why she does what she does. These were of historical places that she found important and not of people. Graceland, Emily Dickinson's home, Georgia O' Keffe's home (my favorite set of images!), Yellowstone National Park, etc. She did this during a time when she was in  huge financial trouble and everyone tried to discourage her by taking on this project, that it was a waste of time and the book wouldn't bring her any money. She did it anyway, for herself, which I find inspiring.
I hope to accomplish a similar personal project like it after I graduate.

Thursday, August 23rd
I was finally able to shoot more for my What Becomes Of Importance series.
If you don't know, this is a photo essay I am doing where I talk to individuals on the street, take their portrait, and a physical item they have on them that is of most importance. (& yes, I go alone.) What I'm trying to find is what physical objects become important, when we have nothing.
I decided to go on 16th street mall where you find plenty of interesting people.
"They call us 'The Dirty Kids' " they are from the east and just kind of meet each other along their travels, mostly from music festivals. I asked them what object they had that was most important "Well if you have a human heart in your pocket, that would work!" All in all, they said that their friendship/family was important, having each other. Physical object wise, they chose their music and weed. They were so kind, funny, and full of positive vibes.

After class I went home and finished the letterhead for my resume and cover letter. Although it was already finished, I tried fixing it and redesigning it again because I'm an indecisive perfectionist.
& then Cody came to see me!

Friday, August 24th
I worked from 4am-7:30 and then went to the school to print.
After profiling my paper I realized I forgot the files I needed to print and just got really upset...over something that was quite small which is not like me. That's when I realized I needed to take the day to just breathe, which I had to talk myself into doing.
I took a nap, watched Gravity and cuddled with Cody, and baked a cake with frosting that looks like little poops. It was exactly what I needed to recuperate for a busy week all over again.

Eat your greens, drink your coffee, and sleep when it's calling you with open arms.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Work, Work, Work.

Oh, good morning. 
So even when I do get the chance to sleep in the sunrise hits my face just right. Enough to say "Get yourself together and get outta bed."


Sunday August 17th
I started the day off with eating a healthy breakfast with some of the vegetables that the nice lady from the day before sent me home with. Egg whites with greens & toast with avocado. Ohhh I love my vegetables! Don't forget the coffee. (How can a college student forget coffee anyway?)
I started my new job at Office Depot in the copy and print department. It's located in my favorite part of downtown and right next door to the Union Station. Evenings are a beauty. However, the parking down here makes me throw up in my mouth a little. I got to laminate a project (oooo laminate), all of my coworkers seem kind and have a sense of humor,  & the break room has a bucket of jolly ranchers.
After a day of both of us working I was able to see Cody for a little bit, since we both have busy schedules getting a couple hours with each other every couple or few days is awesome. Except he's a poop and won't take a normal picture with me. I guess he's pretty cute though, so I'll keep him.


Monday August 20th
I finished designing my business cards and good thing because I got an e-mail that my favorite print company is now offering square business cards, success!
Before I was off to work I was finally able to profile my paper for my Holga portfolio. I enjoy profiling paper, it's oddly therapeutic. "Beep....swooooooop...Beep. Beep.....swooooooop....Beep"
After working and training on how to close, I knew I should take some time to take photos. My plan was to take photos at Union Station, however, I was lucky enough to park in the garage where there was a nice view! Union Station will have to wait for another evening that I don't have to be awake at 3:15am the next morning.

Tuesday (Today!) August 20th 
I work from 4am-7:30am. 9am-3pm. & 6pm-11pm.
Who's going to be my personal Barista?
Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Art Reception and kind souls.

Friday August 16th
My art reception at Kanon Collective on Sante Fe was on Friday evening so my very dear friend Makenzie was my beautiful date. Although I did not receive best in show or an honorable mention, it was still pretty awesome that my artwork was accepted into a gallery for a juried show. After eating plenty of cookies and the awards were given out Kenzie and I went to explore other art galleries down the art district.

Afterwards we went to South Pearl Street for dinner at BEAUTIFUL sushi place where her boyfriend works as a chef. Soon after ordering our sushi an appetizer came out for us, complimentary of the chef. Oh how nice! Soon after that another plate comes out, then another, THEN ANOTHER. I could not stop laughing at the fact that we were a couple of college students sitting in the corner of this nice restaurant indulging on plates and plates of fancy food. Before we knew it there were 5 plates of food in front of us and we still had our sushi on the way. Did I mention dessert? Was I in heaven?

It was nice to be with a friend I could have food babies with and work it off by laughing the night away.


Saturday August 17th

Work from 7:30am-12:30pm.
I had banana split flavored coffee and finalized my business cards. I can finally get these suckers ordered!

I took my Holga out for a little adventure for my portfolio and found this adorable old home which was covered with flowers, pretty weeds, and gardens. Also the entire population of bees in Colorado.
The lady who owns the home was so thrilled that I wanted to take photos of her home and began showing my treasures around her 116 year old home. I will be going back to shoot photos for my short photo essay project. Yippie!
She sent me home with a bag full of vegetables for a salad, it was so kind! She told me she chose to plant a garden to share vegetables with everyone instead of growing grass.
What a kind soul she is.

Daily iPhone.



Friday, August 15, 2014

My ending of a new beginning.

The Ampersand &
"A symbol that reminds us that nothing last forever; a broken infinity. 
However, there's always an AND."

I see it as a new chapter in our lives. This is one of those big chapters.

Sometimes I come up with these thoughts, just really strong thoughts suddenly and have to start writing them down. Today during my class while watching a documentary on street photographer, William Eggleston, it hit me that it's week 5 of our Summer quarter. Although, we go until week 11, graduates go until week 10. 
Thursdays are my last class of the week. 
In exactly 5 weeks, exactly, I will be complete with my schooling at The Art Institute of Colorado.
I'm not one to use fowl language too much, but what else can you think of in your mind but "Holy shit!" 

Graduating and blossoming into this thing we call "Adulthood." Graduating, Portfolio, starting a new job, apartment hunting, finding a big girl job, and life after graduating.

Clearly, I have some emotions and feelings about all of this. I figured that maybe I'm not the only one who has this rush of feelings. (Unless I'm just overly dramatic and emotional.) I have decided to document the next 5 weeks of graduating life. This will mostly consist of my sporadic thoughts and feelings throughout the day. These feelings of confusion, excitement, & nervousness. Welcome to the ups and downs, the hard work, and successes of a college graduate.

Here's the ending of a new beginning!

(Holga Panorama)

Thursday August 14th

Money. Yuck.
I'm mostly not one to talk about finances but I have gotten to a point where I've never had the biggest love hate relationship with money in my life. It makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.
Dear Future graduates...SAVE YOUR PENNIES. Nobody really told me just how much I should save for Portfolio. Surprise!

Lately I've been a little overwhelmed with my work and have wanted to start on new projects. However, I need to keep a focus of my portfolio until I graduate. Fortunately, I have been able to fit my holga/fine art work for my graduating portfolio and not just food. I necessarily don't want to leave AIC labeled as just a "Food shooter"
Since I have decided to stay in Denver for awhile after graduation I've been exploring an array of opportunities to photograph, not just food. There's an alternative rock band looking for photos to be done who seem to have some great contacts as well. Fingers crossed! New things are exciting.

 Most people know me as being pretty tidy and organized.
If you've seen my place the last few weeks you would come to find that I might be losing my marbles. I have stuff everywhere. Everywhere! & it's to the point where I don't know if I should give up and leave it be because I'll be packing up everything in a couple weeks anyway. I clean, I work on a project, and it's a disaster again. I have a pile of food props, a huge pile of papers, photo paper upon photo paper, hoarded photos upon hoarded photos. I'm a bad roommate to myself.

I turn 22 in one month. It also lands on the busiest week out of the quarter.